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The soul of Stein & Co is about overall outward appearance, the attitude of all employees, the values of life on the daily pursuits of long- term corporate goals. We are happy to give you an insight into our soul and our actions, based on our fundamental values, our long-term visions and the resulting ongoing missions.

Our values: Viable success for all

Traditions and innovations are the sustainable successes of Stein & Co We build on our successful past and create a secure future with innovative ideas and latest technologies for our company, our employees and our partners. The pleasure of working together, satisfaction in achieving personal and shared goals in the company and with the sense of safety at work, we embrace our partners. Our actions achieved through quality service are purely dedicated to our customers and their significant products – for their satisfaction, loyalty and above all continuous success.

Our visions: Companies – Products – Markets

Our passion is for the natural stones and the ceramic tiles and all its variations. As a private and medium sized company, Stein & Co is engaged in the wholesale and further processing of natural stones and ceramic tiles for high quality design options throughout the entire living space, inside and outside. We are the extended arm of the best industrial companies in these segments and we are constantly developing individual production in our specially equipped machinery. Additionally, we also have the products for processing and to complete the main product range. As a partner to the trade and the manufacturing sector, we offer a broad product range and ever ongoing innovations and expansions, the reliable logistics at the point of need as well as the transfer of products with passion to the end customer as essential pillars of our service world. Our vision is to constantly evolve to become the market leader in our product area.

Our missions: Quality – Price – Service

Behind every natural stone and every ceramic product stands the strong team of Stein & Co, with creativity, quality, precision we work for the individual needs of customers which are quickly implemented. In order to bring our values to life and to realize our visions, our daily actions with self-image is based on the clear credo:
Best possible quality at a competitive price with excellent service! We want to inspire our customers – that’s our day-to-day mission, noticeable in every detail of our activities.





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